Lovely Little Dictators

I’ve been using a new journaling app called day one. They allow you to publish, but they don’t sync with WordPress. So, I am starting a little tumbler called Lovely Little Dictators. This will hopefully help me post stuff more often, seeing as my last entry here was a year ago.

While I’m here, I thought I’d add a few ‘fast forward a year’ photos from this July. The parade gave us a glimpse into how much like me Charlie is. She insisted on being at the front of the neighborhood parade…even if that meant sucking fumes from the antique car leading the way or elbowing out older kids. It was pretty cute.

IMG_3974 IMG_3973 IMG_3972


too cute…

Me: Charlie, pick up your toothbrush and take it to the bathroom.

Charlie: It’s not a toothbrush, it’s a rocket ship

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry. Will you please return the rocket ship to the launchpad near the sink in the bathroom.

Charlie: Oh, okay. Sure!

Dylan’s cleft surgery


Dyaln has just made it through the first of his cleft surgeries. He is doing wonderfully-better than we could have ever imagined. Here he is still sleeping post surgery. He gets his stitches out Friday. Can’t wait to start getting to know his new little face, but so sad to see the old cute one gone. I never anticipated this mix of emotions.

Dylan Michael Merriman

It’s hard to believe, but our sweet boy was born four months ago. Look at how he has grown.


Here he is on the day he was born, February 17, 2013. He weighed 8lbs 10 oz and it took almost 30 hours to deliver him.


Here he is at one month old. We started treatment for his cleft at 3 weeks old.


At two months old, we are starting to see the beginning of his personality. He is such a calm sweet baby. We call him Chillin’ Dylan.


Dylan with his 2 1/2 year old sister at 3 months old. Charlie has been so sweet to him. It’s really beautiful to see how much she loves him.


And at four months old, just before his cleft surgery. He is wearing his little retainer, which helped build his nose out some.




Back on the wagon (or pony)

We’re getting ready to head to Costa Rica, and I hope to post some jealousy inducing photos while we’re gone. Unitl then…some super cute Charlie photos from our trip to teh pumpkin patch…

I’m not so sure about this goat…

but the pony’s good!

On the tractor with Mimi

Where’s Waldo pumpkin farm style.

Snuggling with our friend Juli who had her own little pumpkin a few days later on my Birthday…Lulu Ruff weighed in at 8 lbs 11 oz and based on the $.49/lb price, little Lulu would have cost $4.50 at the pumpkin farm. 🙂