Baby Number 2!

I’m pregnant! Our second sweet little baby is due on February 10th.  We are elated.

In most ways the frozen embryo transfer process has been less complicated (and less expensive) than the fresh IVF cycle we did to have Charlie Grace, but we’ve also had some unexpected challenges that we didn’t have the first time around. The doctor has had trouble getting my hormones to the levels they need to be at for example. Because of this, I am wearing six (!) estrogen patches on my belly now.

Each time I swap the patches, Charlie sweetly puts a bunch of fun stickers on her belly too.  It melts me every time she does it. She is such a sweet, caring little girl that has blessed our lives in ways we could have never imagined. I can’t wait to meet her little brother or sister and to see what wonderful qualities he/she will bring to our growing family.