Amarillo Trip

We went to Amarillo in April to visit family. Some photos from the trip are below, and you can see more on Flikr.

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It was a pretty big trip for Charlie. She went out to the country where she rode golf carts down the dirt roads with Grandpa and Grandma Jo. On our ride, Charlie got to see her first live cow and horse. We read “The Big Red Barn” almost everynight, so even though she’d never seen these animals in real life, she knew just what noise to make when we stumbled upon them.

The next exciting thing was that my Dad came in to town to see us. He gave Charlie her first fishing pole, and Grandpa helped her use it at Medi Park. She got a little wild with it, so we took off the hook but left a weight, and she didn’t seem to know the difference.

Mom took us to Wonderland, where Charlie rode the carousel and car ride about 15 times each. I tried to get in the boat ride with her, and almost sank it in the process. That was pretty funny. And since I couldn’t ride with her, Charlie kept trying to jump ship.

We went to The Discovery Museum with Charlie’s other great-grandparents the next day. It’s pretty cool she still has five (six counting Maw Maw!) great grandparents to love her up. That night, we hit up her first pizza buffet (a noteworthy experience for anyone) with Maw Maw, Grandpa Ray, Glenn, and Auntie Roo, who bought Charlie so many cute clothes including a Dallas Cowboy Shirt (she’s been regularly wearing it despite the heckles it inspires here in San Diego), and a bubble machine, which has provided endless entertainment and pretty much makes Charlie’s head explode with excitement every time we pull it out.

While we were in Amarillo, we stayed with my mom. She lives next door to Braums and across the street from a party place full of Jump Houses. So needless to say there was no shortage of ice cream or fun at Mimi’s house either.

The best part of the trip for me was seeing Charlie doing so many of the things I loved as a kid. One of the last days we were there I took Charlie to see my good friends Ryan and Stacy and their three wonderful kiddos. It was a hot day, and all the kids stripped down and jumped on the trampoline while the sprinkler was on underneath it. I spent so many wonderful summer days doing that when I was young. I also used to get unbelievably excited about going to “Lunderland,” and some of my best memories are of exploring at Grandma or Grandpa’s house. We feel so lucky to live California by the ocean, but it was really special to see Charlie connect with the people and places that I grew up with.

She is such a special little girl, and she has so much love in her. That picture of her kissing me is one of my favorites. All of her kisses right now have so much joy and pure emotion that they kind of feel more like face-maulings than smooches, but I’ll still take every one of them.


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