Playing in the Leaves with Dad

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Charlie is so cute. And she is so much fun. We feel unbelievably lucky to to be in her life.


Beach Morning

We won’t be able to live here in Coronado forever, so we’re trying to take advantage of our time here as much as possible.  This morning we bundled up and went to the beach.  Charlie wore the pjs and jacket that her Grandpa Bill got for her for Christmas.  As usual, she looked adorable.

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I think the one of Sophie is funny. I guess she wants everyone to know that she’s a street dog no more.  Classy pups like her only poo in front of ritzy 5 star resorts now.

Pictures from Christmas

Today I woke up thinking about my Pop-Pop.  I wish he was still here. He would have had so much fun with Charlie Grace.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful Christmas. During the day, we hung out at home, watched football, played at the park, and of course opened presents.  Charlie insisted that we take several breaks while opening presents–there was a lot to open, and she is easily distracted. I liked the pace her little time outs gave the morning. It was an especially laid back Christmas morning.  Later that night, we went to Jungle Bells at the zoo, which was really neat. All the animals were up late, and everything was lit up for the season.

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