Charlie the troublemaker

A few days ago, I was in the living room getting ready to go to work and watching Charlie crawl all over the house. Charlie was wearing her typical overnight outfit–diaper and t-shirt.

Shawnee was in the bathroom taking a bath, but she left the door open because Charlie wants to be able to see Mom and Dad whenever possible.

I then saw Charlie do the following: 1) crawl over to the bathroom; 2) push the bathroom door open; 3) stand up next to the bathtub; 4) wiggle her butt until her diaper slid down her legs; 5) pick up her diaper and 6) throw her diaper into the bathtub.

Shawnee was still waking up, so it took her a minute to realize that there was something in the tub, and that the something was a diaper. The looks on her face as she made those realizations were priceless.

Just another day with a precocious 10-month-old.


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