Photos from the 4th of July Weekend

I know it’s late, but better late than never.

This is what happens when Charlie and Dad fly by themselves.  Remember to always put babies into the overhead compartment wheels first.

Charlie loved the sheep at her great-grandmother’s house.  This was the first weekend she started standing a lot.

Charlie annihilating some watermelon while the entire Lewis clan watched on.

Charlie after a few innings at the Twins game, showing off her smudged face paint.

Charlie showing her cuteness off to Grandma.

Charlie, now a celebrity in Minnesota, on the JumboTron at the Twins game.

Charlie’s (cousins? aunts? cousins once removed?)  I’m not good at that stuff, but here are Charlie’s Dad’s cousins enjoying the game.

Photo with great-Grandma.

Just lounging at the pool.


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