A big Day for Charlie Grace

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted. There are a bunch of photos up on Flikr from our Texas trip. Often, when we have people come visit or take a big trip, we accumulate so many photos and stories that it gets to overwhelming to post, which stinks since that is exactly when we should be posting. Oh well. Here’s one photo, and I promise we will post more soon.

So, yesterday was a big day for Charlie.

She and Sophie saw their first snake. We went for a hike, and Sophie was running ahead of us. When Charlie and I caught up to her, she was literally standing on top of a two and a half foot long snake, which didn’t move–thank god. I don’t think Sophie realized it was a living thing, because she didn’t bark or anything. I couldn’t tell what kind of snake this one was, but later we came across a two foot long rattle snake, which totally freaked me out. It was thick, and I was close enough to count it’s rattles. Charlie was was out of harms way in her jogging stroller and for once Sophie actually listened to me when I told her to stay. All three of us stood still on the trail and waited the snake out. After several minutes, he scurried into the bushes and we hightailed it back to the parking lot.

On the trail, Charlie took her first sips of water from a water bottle, and she also dipped her toes in a cool stream for the first time. What a special memory. Later that day, she ate meat for the first time–some wild salmon Mike had grilled the day before, and she also made her first room to room crawl. You go girl!


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