Hoppy Easter! Some Bunny Loves You!

We went over to Ryan and Juli’s for Easter.  Charlie wore a little dress that Ryan’s mom gave her. She chewed on the tutu all morning.  Smart girl has already figured out cute and functional is the way to go when it comes to fashion.

There was so much Easter goodness (dogs, babies, snuggles, pictures, egg hunts, oh my!) that Charlie passed out in my arms while we were still at the Ruff House. So cute.

Later that night, as if on cue, Charlie started gumming a carrot while she was wearing a “Hoppy Easter! Some Bunny Loves You!” outfit that her Mimi sent her.  This girl is going to be a ham. (Easter pun intended).




Every once in a while you get a haircut that is so bad that it makes you feel silly for complaining about previous “bad” haircuts that weren’t that terrible.

I recently chopped my own bangs short.  They looked okay, but I went to a stylist to get them cleaned up. She must have thought that by “clean up” I meant “butcher.”

This was the picture I showed the stylist of the bangs I wanted:

This is what I got:

And this photo has the benefit of three weeks of growing-out time!

When I was a little girl my mom left me alone in the house for ten minutes or so while she ran down to fix something in the well-house on our farm.  While she was gone, I decided to give myself a haircut. I whacked my bangs almost completely off. So this, as my mom pointed out, is kind of a full-circle haircut for me.

My mother in law, who was with me at the salon, sweetly kept her reaction gentle and kind, but my mom, on the other hand, started laughing hysterically and suggested I invest in some hats for a while.  She also suggested that I post a blog of what I wanted vs. what I got so that she could show (and entertain, I presume) all of her friends.  Well, here it is mom.  Have fun! You just better be ready for your public flogging next time you get a not-so-great do.

Motor Boat

Charlie is four and a half months old.  This morning she taught herself how to make a motor-boat noise with her mouth. It’s 5pm now, and the novelty hasn’t worn off.  She’s still motor-boating right along.