More charlie photos

Just got an I pad. So we’ve got some cool photos from it to share.








My little cupcake

Heeeeeeeere’s Charlie!

I think the ruffles on this outfit that Charlie got from her grandpa Ray look like icing, so I’ve been calling her “My little cupcake” all morning. The handmade blanket she is snuggled in was a gift from her Auntie Ru. So many people have done such sweet things for her. It makes us all feel so loved.


While gardening yesterday, I spent a long time chatting with several Hispanic workers that were repairing our roof. I can’t say for sure, since the landlord hired them, not us, but the likelihood of the workers being illegal is pretty high.

When I came inside to wash my hands, I looked in the bathroom mirror and realized that the whole time I talked with the roofers, I was wearing a cap that an agent on one of Mike’s alien smuggling cases had given him as a thank you gift.

It was a U.S. Border Patrol hat. Woops.