CGM Rolling over!


Sophie on the Loose!

My friend and I were shocked yesterday when we saw a dog running wild through the coffee shop we were sitting in.  “What kind of wacko would let their dog loose in a coffee shop?” I thought as the dog skidded under tables, sniffed crotches, and lunged at crumbs on the floor.  Then it hit me, “Hey, that kind of looks like my dog…Oh God!  That is my dog!” I jumped up and started running after her.

Then, as if Sophie hadn’t already provided enough free entertainment for the coffee-goers, they got to watch me wrestle a 40 lb. dog back into the car in pouring rain while holding a screaming baby.  It was nuts.  Welcome to my life, people.

When Charlie Grace and I finally got back inside, two different people sitting by a window in the coffee shop told me that they had watched Sophie open the car door and run out.  Neither could believe what they had seen.  Both were happy to get confirmation from the other that they weren’t crazy.  My friend said, “I think maybe she keeps a pair of thumbs hidden somewhere.” I think she might be right.

I’m just glad Sophie loves her pack (and hates rain) so much that she follwed us inside the coffee shop instead of running wild down the street.  What a disaster that could have been.

Baby Brain Is Legit

Two Examples:

1) So I was at work last week, and I was talking with a co-worker about a legal issue.  My co-worker mentioned that he had a cite for a case that was just issued last week.  I paused and said, “That’s great! The most recent case I have is from all the way back in February 2011.”  My co-worker just looked at me like I was an idiot.

2) We went to a seafood restaurant this weekend.  Shawnee was considering getting the oysters, but they were $3 an oyster.  She had the following inner monologue:  “$3 an oyster, 12 oysters.  How much would that be?  3, 6, 9, 12 . . . that would be more than $30.  It would be about $36.  Gee, that number sounds familiar. I guess I should have multiplied that.”