A Few Thoughts

1) I’m having trouble keeping Charlie and Sophie’s names straight.  Several times, I’ve told Charlie, “Do you know how lucky I am to have such a beautiful daughter named Sophie.”  Doh.  For a few days, it was particularly difficult so I started calling both of them “CharSoph.”

Fortunately, I haven’t called Shawnee “Charlie” or “Sophie.”  I’m sure that’s only a few weeks away.

2) We went to one of our favorite bar/restaurants yesterday.  Because we have a two week old baby, we were there when the place opened at noon.  Shawnee got a gin and tonic (her first in more than one year).  I ordered a beer.  After we finished our food and drinks, Shawnee turned to me and said “You should get another beer.”  I told her that I didn’t really want another beer.  About five minutes later Shawnee said, “Actually, I think you should get another beer because I want half of it.”  Being the good husband I am, I got another beer.


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