Chargers Game

Because my wife is very sweet, she got me tickets to the Chargers/Chiefs game on Sunday.  Several people from my work were also going to the game, so we tailgated at my house beforehand.  After eating breakfast tacos and bratwursts (and having a few beverages), we made our way over to the game.  Chargers blew out the Chiefs 31-0, and the weather was so nice I wore shorts.    All in all, a perfect day.


Big Day Yesterday

We had a lot of firsts yesterday.  Charlie went to the beach for the first time.  It was a gorgeous day in the high 70’s, so we went to the dog beach at Coronado Island to enjoy it.  Charlie, our California girl who was rocking an oversized sun hat, put her feet on the sand for the first time.

Later at the beach, I went to change Charlie’s diaper.  When I took off her onesie, I found Charlie’s umbilical cord in the folds of her clothing. I was just about to throw it away, when Shawnee said she wanted to keep it in order to prevent it from being thrown away at the beach.  No word yet on where the umbilical cord burial will take place.

Photos below:

December in San Diego

Coronado Island Dog Beach

Stepping on beach for the first time

Belly Button Exposed for the First Time

One of many faces made while sleeping

A Few Thoughts

1) I’m having trouble keeping Charlie and Sophie’s names straight.  Several times, I’ve told Charlie, “Do you know how lucky I am to have such a beautiful daughter named Sophie.”  Doh.  For a few days, it was particularly difficult so I started calling both of them “CharSoph.”

Fortunately, I haven’t called Shawnee “Charlie” or “Sophie.”  I’m sure that’s only a few weeks away.

2) We went to one of our favorite bar/restaurants yesterday.  Because we have a two week old baby, we were there when the place opened at noon.  Shawnee got a gin and tonic (her first in more than one year).  I ordered a beer.  After we finished our food and drinks, Shawnee turned to me and said “You should get another beer.”  I told her that I didn’t really want another beer.  About five minutes later Shawnee said, “Actually, I think you should get another beer because I want half of it.”  Being the good husband I am, I got another beer.

Christmas Tree Outing

Every year we go cut down a tree.  Last year I picked out one that was totally crooked, and I still haven’t heard the end of it.  So I kept quiet this year and let Mike do the choosing and the cutting.

My Mom’s bestfriend Marisa, aka Auntie Ru, gave Charlie Grace this adorable outfit.  If we were ambitious enough to send out holiday cards, this would be the pic we’d use, but alas we’re still in the “figuring things out” stage.  Gathering addresses and mailing cards seems pretty overwhelming.  We did manage to post it on Flikr for friends and family to download and print though.

Mike has all of December off, so we will most certainly have a great holiday season, and we wish the same to you and your families!


We arrived home on Monday.  Everyone is doing great and we’ve all managed to get some sleep.  Shawnee has been a rock-star mom and looks fantastic.  Charlie is already gaining weight and eating like a champ.

When we got home, Sophie was very excited and wanted to smell Charlie.  We let her come up close and Sophie smelled Charlie from head to toe.  Sometimes, Sophie licks Charlie’s feet and ears.  And when Charlie cries, Sophie comes running over to see what’s going on and offer an encouraging lick on Charlie’s feet.  All in all, very cute.

Thanks for all the texts, emails, calls, gifts and dinners.  We really appreciate them and have felt very loved and supported.

Some new photos are below.  Thanks for putting up with a proud and giddy dad.