An Early Giving of Thanks

Our due date is Thanksgiving Day.  We decided that eating gross cafeteria turkey and celebrating all we have to be thankful for this year in the hospital would be unacceptable.  So, this past weekend, exactly a month before the actual holiday and our impending date with the midwife, we hosted a Thanksgiving with friends.

We had a really hard time finding a turkey this early in the season, but Whole Foods came through, and they were surprisingly inexpensive (never thought I’d say that).  It made me realize how much stores raise their bird prices in November and December. We have a tradition of naming the turkey, and this year, once we got our hands on the special guy, we decided to call him “Larry”, as in “Larry Bird”.  Pretty clever, huh?

Everyone helped out so much, and the day was relatively stress free.  Shireen decorated, everyone brought yummy food, Ryan made unbelievably good homemade gravy without using a roux (who knew that was even possible?), and Mike once again did a fantastic job of grilling the bird.  He’s pretty much gotten all things Weber down to a science.

Since the party was also a little celebration of the upcoming birth of our little girl, Juli brought some burp cloths that everyone decorated.  The ones below were the crowd favorites.  We’re going to save them, and when the little girl asks about why her college fund is so tiny, we’ll remind her of how much her existence cost.

Sophie also had a great early Thanksgiving.  While the people were grubbing inside the house, she found the pan of turkey drippings outside.  You can’t tell from the photo, but the table and chairs are really tall.  I cant believe she got up there or that she had the stones to even attempt such a bold move (okay maybe I can).  She unfortunately managed to drink almost the entire pan before we noticed.  Needless to say, the last couple of days of walks with her haven’t been pretty.  But I guess Thanksgivings were made for overeating, so it’s hard to get too mad at her.

It was such an incredible day and we do feel so blessed to have great friends, amazing family, a crazy puppy, good health, a World Series without the Yankees, and a sweet little girl on the way.


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