Preggos Pictures for friends and fam

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

and 26 Weeks

We’ve got another ultrasound in a couple of weeks, so we’ll have more pictures of the baby then!


A Bad Sign of Things to Come

We’ve bought Sophie at least 30 dog toys, and she never plays with any of those.  But then my mom brings one baby toy in the house and Sophie is all over it.

Maybe she just a weird dog that likes baby toys that play “You are My Sunshine”…or maybe she’s protesting the impending attention sharing she’s gonna have to do.  For our sake, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the first option.

Mom’s Visit

Mom came out for a visit recently, and we had a blast.  One highlight of her trip was the crab and steak feast we made (pics in a previous post).  The other was going to Del Mar to watch Zenyatta, the undefeated history-making fillie, race and win at Del Mar (she’s won 18 in a row now).

What a special horse. Last year, she was the first female Thoroughbred to ever win The Breeders Cup.  She drinks Guinness after every race and wins in spectacular fashion–she stays in the back of the pack until you think there’s just no way she can pull it out, and then she kicks it in to high gear and blows all the other horses away.  Watching her run was pretty amazing.  Of course, she was the overwhelming favorite, but I still bet on her, even though I ended up only making about .20 on my $2 bet.  Who would want to cheer against her though?

Anyway, it was a perfect day.  Mom and I both love the races,

and as we were leaving, we got this great reminder of what a ridiculously gorgeous place we live in.

I just might have paid those ballooners as a part of my plot to get her to move out here.  🙂

Between a crab feast, horse races, and a grandbaby on the way, I’m definitely giving it my best shot.

Betcha’ five dollars my dinner last night was better than yours!

My mom’s been in town, and I’ve been craving crab, so last night we grilled up a feast fit for a king (or a pregnant lady)!

It was an epic meal.  Wish you all could have joined us.