Being Home Alone–Day 8

I’m not sure my running diary can compete with Shawnee’s, but since she’s been keeping everyone updated on her adventures, I thought I would as well.

Today, the utility company came and replaced our gas meter.  I also went to the dry cleaners and did a load of laundry.  Then ate a Trader Joe’s frozen pizza.


Day 3

We did so much on the second day of our trip that it is going to take me a while to go through the photos and write about everything, so here is the day 3 update.

Jake, Melissa, my mom, and I all headed out to the burbs for a little picnic in the park.  We ate delicious leftovers from the market while we watched fishermen with really long wooden poles shoot pellets with a sling shot out into the small pond we were picnicing by.  We never saw them catch anything except a log, so I don’t think that what they were doing was working, but it looked interesting anyway.

Then we headed to Longchamp horse track.  The horses here run on grass (which I’d never seen before) and in the opposite direction of horses in the states.  The track has been been around a really long time.  Here’s Manet’s picture of the course,

and here’s mine.

Jake won on one bet and called it a day, which turned out to be smart.  He was the big winner, and by big I mean only 😦 .  We all had so much fun though.  The highlight for me was accidentily wandering into a fancy area where I wasn’t supposed to be.  I got to see some dapper old men in suits and bowler hats and their lovely ladies donning giant race hats and dresses. It was like stepping back in time.

For dinner, we had crepes–a first for my mom.  She loved them (who doesn’t love crepes?) and we went home and slept like babies we were so happy.  Everything about this trip has been so wonderful and easy–mostly thanks to my incredible friend Melissa–but it really is just the most magical adventure and I am so happy to be sharing it with my mom.

Paris Day 1

Paris Day 1:

Today we walked farther than I think my mom thought she’d walk in the entire rest of her life, but it was a wonderful adventure.   We cruised around Monmarte with Melissa and had an amazing lunch while sitting outside of the cafe in the picture below.  We also visited Sacre Coeur, a gorgeous church with a giant organ, and then we grabbed dinner fixins’ (olives, poullet, and chevre) at an adorable little market near Melissa and Jake’s apartment.