Cougar + Dog = ♥

On Sunday we visited the zoo with Alli, one of our friends from Camp John Marc, who was in town for the weekend.  While we were cruising around the giraffe and rhino area, we heard a dog barking, which was a strange animal noise to hear in a zoo.  Curious, we started peaking around corners to see where the pup was hiding.  During our snooping, we saw a cougar staring out from an off-exhibit enclosure.   We had been watching the cougar for a few minutes, when to our surprise, a golden retriever appeared right next to it and started barking (we found our culprit!).  We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. The dog and cougar were actually sharing the same enclosure.  It was just so bizarre.

We love going to the zoo because each visit we see something that amazes us (last time it was a hippo taking an unimaginably big dump in the water, and the time before that we got to feed 100 year old Galapagos turtles), but this really takes the cake.   Curious, I came home and did some research.  Turns out there have been several dog/cougar duos in the zoo’s history.  Who knew?!  Here’s a press release the zoo put out about the odd duo in case you’re curious too.


Finally, some good News!

An IVF Update:  After weeks of shots, crazy hormone cocktails, and daily visits to the doctor’s office, we’ve got seven little embryos growing in a lab!  The doctor initially thought there was just 5 follicles (follicles contain eggs), so we were ecstatic when they retrieved 8 eggs (the best early Easter egg hunt ever!), and even more thrilled when 7 of those eggs were successfully fertilized.  The doctor told us their goal was to get half of the eggs fertilized, so getting 7 out of 8 felt like a home run.

We’ve now made it past what we thought would be the biggest hurdle, but we’re trying not to get too hopeful.  Our goal is to take things one step at a time.  That being said, it was just so relieving and exciting to finally get some news that wasn’t bad.  The transfer is on Monday.  Wish us luck!