I wait all week for Sunday

The last couple of weeks at the Barton-Merriman household have been consumed by football.   This is mostly because I was in the finals of my Amarillo fantasy football league this last week and Mike and I are really close to winning some big money in our suicide league.  On Sunday, I actually told him to stop doing dishes and come watch football.  Then, when he pointed out how beautiful it was outside and suggested that we go for a hike, I suggested that we make spinach and artichoke dip and drink instead.  Thankfully, he caved, and we began a day of gluttony.  We ate and watched the early games at home, then when they weren’t showing the late game I wanted to watch, we went to a sports bar, watched more football, and split a burger.  After that, we came home and joyously watched the Cowboys thwomp the Redskins and finished off the artichoke dip.  All the drinking, heavy food, and sports watching had us both feeling like we were living back in Chicago again.  On Monday we hit the gym and had salad for dinner.

Last year I finished second in my Fantasy league, but this year I didn’t have high hopes.  The draft was in Amarillo, which meant that I just got an auto-picked team.  But my totally mediocre bunch of misfits managed peak at just the right time though, and I pulled out a league victory.   I mostly owe my win to Aaron Rogers putting up an astounding 51 points in week 15 and to making a risky last minute  pick-up (Jerome Harrison) in week 16.  Woo Wee did that gamble pay off.

I didn’t do very well in my all ladies league though (another auto-draft hodgepodge), and Mike stunk it up in his office league. But we’ve still got some skin in the game for the last week of regular season NFL football.  There are only four teams left (including us) in our suicide league.  Each week everyone picks one team they think will win, but the catch is you can’t pick the same team more than once in a season.  Everyone paid $50 to enter the pool, and there was something like 55 people total in the beginning.  So, there is some major moola to be won.  Something like 60% goes to first (which is over $1500) 30% to second, and 10% to third.  Fourth doesn’t get paid anything.  Here is a picture of the remaining teams and their picks for this season.

Here’s how I think things are gonna shake out this week.

  • All four remaining teams have already picked most of the favorites: The Colts, The Saints, San Diego, Minnesota, and Baltimore.
  • No one has picked the Denver (13 pt. fav over Kansas City) or The Jets.  The Jets are listed as a 10 point favorite over Cincinnati, but I think that is a funky number.  Cincinnati has played well this season.  Maybe someone is out that I don’t know about.  I’m sure my husband, nicknamed “Mr. ESPN” by my dad the other day, will fill me in on why their edge is so large.
  • Everyone but us can still pick Jacksonville, but unbelievably Cleveland is listed as a 1.5 pt favorite over them.  I think that’s a funky number too.
  • Two teams  other than us can pick San Francisco (7.5 pt. fav. over St. Louis)

My prediction is that all four remaining teams will go with Denver, and we will all split the money four ways-win or lose.  Pocketing $675 or so a piece isn’t bad.  But someone could decide to try win it all by making a deliberately different pick, like The Jets or San Francisco.  I’m torn about whether I think this would be a good thing or not.  I think those teams are less likely to win than Denver, but I also want a guarantee of winning some money, even if it is split four ways.  It would really stink to make it this far and not win anything.  What do you think?


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