Back in Chicago

I have an opening on Friday in Chicago.  I just flew in this morning and forgot how much busier the city is than sleepy San Diego.  The airport was crazy.  But I was surprised at how excited I was to be back.  I have lots of plans to see friends and to eat, eat, eat, and eat some more.  I really do think Chi-town has the best food in America.

I listened to the guy next to me on the plane tell me about his recent Indian Princess camping trip with his daughter.  He went on and on, and it was so cute to see a dad who loves family so much.  Hearing how happy he was made me anxious to have kids in such a fun place.  There really are a million adventures around San Diego and generally, people seem to value family time more than work. I like that.

I have gotten really good discounts on the work I’ve made for this show from the framer, the embroidery lady who helped me finish my project, etc.  All the work is about being unemployed and I think they feel sorry for me.  🙂

Anyway, here is the info about my show:

Artist: Unemployed opens November 20, 2009 at LivingRoom Gallery
Reception: Friday November 20, 2009 5-8 pm
at LivingRoom Gallery
1530 West Superior Street (between Ashland Ave. and Armour St.)
Chicago IL 60642

Making art is expensive, but it can be cheaper than therapy. In Artist: Unemployed interdisciplinary artist Shawnee Barton uses humor, humility, and her art practice to cope with being unemployed during the worst economic downturn our country has seen in sixty years.

In this installation at LivingRoom Gallery, the artist addresses subjects related to her inability to get a job including daytime television, arts policy, and her ongoing existential crisis.


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