Trust me, kid, I know what I’m doing

I joined the Big Brother/Big Sister program this summer.  Every two weeks or so, I take my “little” brother to places like the bowling alley, miniature golf, etc.  Two weekends ago, we were driving back to his house when he started asking me questions about driving.  He rarely asks me anything, so I wanted to be positive and encouraging.

I told him what neutral was on the gear shift, when you would drive in low gear.  I thought, this is great, he wants to hear what I have to say, and we’re having some good guy bonding time here.

Then he said, “How do you know when you’re running out of gas?”  And then he looked very closely at the gas gauge, which was on “E”.

For a minute or so, I prattled on about how every car was different; how you need to figure out when your car is going to run out of gas; how this car has a low fuel light that tells you when you are getting really low on gas; and that the light wasn’t on yet, so no need to worry.

One minute later, I ran out of gas.  On the interstate.  Going 70 mph.

Luckily, I was able to pull over and AAA came to the rescue, but it was not one of my finer moments.


Another economic indicator

At about 6pm, I got off the bus and started walking home.  I was wearing a suit.  As I crossed the street, another guy on the bus came up to me and said, “What are you, like a law paralegal or something?”

I said, “No, I’m a lawyer.”

His response, “You’re a lawyer?  Man, the economy must be really bad if lawyers are taking the bus.”

Shawnee’s Birthday

We celebrated Shawnee’s birthday in style this weekend.  Shawnee’s mom came to town to join in the festitivities.  On Friday, we opened presents and went to this great restaurant near our house called Jayne’s Gastropub.  Shawnee got some champagne and we split oysters, salad and two swanky burgers.  It was delicious–especially the Nieman ranch burgers with Vermont gouda cheese.  We also got desert, which we never had before.  We got a peach desert that I can’t spell and the brownie gelato.  Both were fantastic.  The brownie tasted like it was just out of the oven.  Even though we were pretty full, we still devoured it.

Then the next day, we went to a park in Mission Bay and had a birthday BBQ.  It was slow getting started, but once everyone came we had a great time.  We had fried chicken, cornbread, and okra to start (which was exactly what Shawnee wanted).  Then I grilled hot dogs for everyone.

After we were nice and full, we had a big group game of wiffle ball.  Although the rules shifted repeatedly, everyone had fun and enjoyed running around for a while.  Then we busted open the birthday pinata and had a bonfire.  See the pictures below for a better understanding of the festivities.