Rocky Mountain National Park

On Labor Day, we visited Rocky Mountain National Park.  We did a six mile hike, and along the way we saw a waterfall, a melting glacier, a gorgeous meadow, a hidden little lake, herds of elk, a cute squirrel, and a fish called “cut-throat”.  Here are a few of the best pics.  To see more photos or order prints (parents), visit our album.

Right as we entered the park, an big herd of elk crossed the road.  It was pretty crazy because we didn’t know if we’d even get to see any at all since the season is just starting, and there were so many of them, just feet away! We knew that a day that started like that was going to be pretty great.

While we were having lunch at the little lake, we ran into a fisherman from Nebraska.  It didn’t look like he knew much about fly fishing.  He would cast the line and let the fly sit in the water like you would with a normal rod and bait.   But he was clearly doing something right because he ended up catching a really big cut throat.  He asked me to take his picture with it, which some how turned into me wading into super cold water while holding his fishing pole and trying to not drop his camera in the water.  He was so excited though; It was clear that he was having the experience of a lifetime, so I didn’t mind.

Mike took this funny shot that looks like I’ve just caught him instead of a fish.

We had such a great time.  I felt really recharged by being in the mountains.  The ocean is inspiring, but the  mountains always center me in a way that nothing else can.  Thank you, Rocky Mountain National Park!


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