It’s already been an adventure and we aren’t even there yet!

We’re heading to Denver for a few days to see a doctor for our fertility stuff.  Our insurance only covers testing, so we figure we might as well let them pay for the best in the country.  We added a day and a half onto the trip to make a stressful adventure more fun.  Today we’re hopefully going to Coors field to watch the Rockies play, which should be fun since they are doing well this year.  Mike is excited to cross another baseball field off his list.  He thinks he’s been to sixteen major league stadiums so far.  For dinner we’re going to hit up “Taste of Denver” which will be super fun if it’s even half as awesome as “Taste of Chicago”.  Tomorrow we’re driving to the Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking.  We’re choosing between trails to a waterfall, a plateau overlooking several 14ers, and a hidden lake.  Plus elk season is just beginning, so we might get lucky and see some of them too.  I don’t think we can go wrong.

Our trip has started off a little rough though.  We booked a package for super cheap through Southwest vacations, which means that we have actual hard copies of the airplane tickets (I haven’t seen one of those in ten years!) and paper vouchers for our rental car and hotel.  We got to the San Diego airport an hour and ten minutes early only to realize that we left Mike’s backpack at home.  Inside the backpack were all of our tickets, his cell phone, and all the work he needs to do over the weekend.   Dope!  So, he took an expensive cab trip home and made it back with 30 minutes before take off.  We thought everything was copacetic, but then we accidentally went through  the wrong security gate.  We had to turn around, walk across the airport, and do the whole process over again.  Luckily, we made it to the gate just as our section was boarding.  While we were dashing through security lines, I kept thinking about how my mom would be freaking out if she were there.  She likes to get to the airport like at least two hours hours early, but I can’t really make fun of her anymore since she’ll never miss a flight, which I’ve done before (on my way home to see her actually), or have a morning like we’ve had today.   Moms usually do know best, don’t they? Anyway, I hope things calm down from here on out.


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