I am in a Ladies Only fantasy football league this season.  We are strictly forbidden from getting help from the guys in our lives, which has made for some entertaining mistakes and smack talking.   Mostly, it’s just stuff that reinforces the stereotype that women don’t know anything about sports, but hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

First, I thought the percentages listed about each player meant the exact opposite of what they really mean.  Because of this,  I accidentally dropped my really good defense and kicker for ones that are at the bottom of the league! Dope!  At least they weren’t more important positions.

And here is some hysterical/cliche responses to our league managers weekly wrap up.


Wrap Up

Many of us broke out of the 70s this week and who’s to say
whether it demonstrates better karma or better picks.  I suspect the
latter.  Go us.

In the “I-Got-ROBBED” category the unlucky winner is Ellen.  She was the one player who had a bye this week and, you know how many points her team scored?  *133* big ones.  On the plus side, she does have Frank Gore – who looks ready to bring home plenty more bacon in the weeks to come.

The winner of this week’s “Holy Moley!” prize is Shawnee Barton, owing to her player Chris Johnson singlehandedly scoring *45 fantasy points*.  That is a whole lot of points.

Response 1

hello?  wtf?  r-o-b-b-e-d.

on the upside, I actually know who Frank Gore is- three weeks ago I
would’ve thought you were talking about Al Gore’s dad.

Response 2

Ah, how about the “only team to go 2-0” category?? Brought to you, in part, by Cadillac Johnson. With a name like Cadillac, how can you not score big??  And yes, in case you’re all wondering, I do also have the best quarterback in the league, Drew Brees. I’d never heard of him before,and I know nothing about him, other than I love him already, and that he’s legit.  Who knew??

And Response 3

I think his name is actually cadillac williams, but lady tores does have a stacked roster…


I love that the one woman is so fired up about her player, but still manages to not even know his name.  And who knows that Drew Brees is awesome? Everyone and their dog, that’s who!  He’s not makin’ the big bucks for nothin’.

I agree with her though, Brees is pretty cute.  In these kinds of leagues, we should get extra points for drafting hot players.  It would be pretty great if The Sports Gal created a bonus system for ESPN.  Mike always talks about who would be on his “All Ugly Team” in basketball.  Next year, I might draft according to the opposite.


Pics from San Francisco

We just realized that we never posted anything about our fifth Anniversary trip up to San Francisco.  Here are a few photos.

While we were in the air, we could see another plane flying right next to us! As we landed, we realized that it was aiming for a parallel runway, but in the air it was pretty scary.

Mike was the official foreign traveler helper at the Bart station.  He helped like four groups of travelers.  Those machines are hard for English speakers to understand! I don’t now why they are so complicated.

The night before our anniversary we went to a Giants baseball game with our friends Ethan and Juli, which was super fun.  On the way into the stadium, we saw these people.  They do say there isn’t anything colder than a summer in San Francisco, but it still cracks me up when I see people in California during the summer dress like it’s winter in Chicago!

We sat in the bleachers during the game and made friends with all the rowdy teenagers sitting around us.  I was a little boozy and wound up eating a basket of cold garlic fries that the nice lady in front of me offered.  Gross.  Then, I got into it with a very large hispanic woman sitting behind me about Barry Bonds.  I said he wasn’t a very nice man, and she strongly disagreed.  Mike was worried that she was going to beat us both up.

The next day we went to Berekeley, the only place in the country where they advertise marijuana.  

We spent hours in a great little independent bookstore called Moe’s Books and then went to the farmers market.  We ate so well this trip.  One of the best things we had was a fruit called a pluot that we bought at the market.   If you run across one of those, try it, you’ll like it.

We booked a cheap room on priceline, but somehow ended up in the “bridal suite,” which was right by the elevator.   Many well wishers passed us in the hallway and offered their congratulations.  We didn’t want to burst their bubble, so we just said thanks.

Chez Panisse was everything I could have imagined and more.  I can’t remember the last time I was so giddy for so long.

Look close can you see Alice’s head?  She was having dinner in the kitchen when we were there.

Here’s the link to more pictures.

Rocky Mountain National Park

On Labor Day, we visited Rocky Mountain National Park.  We did a six mile hike, and along the way we saw a waterfall, a melting glacier, a gorgeous meadow, a hidden little lake, herds of elk, a cute squirrel, and a fish called “cut-throat”.  Here are a few of the best pics.  To see more photos or order prints (parents), visit our album.

Right as we entered the park, an big herd of elk crossed the road.  It was pretty crazy because we didn’t know if we’d even get to see any at all since the season is just starting, and there were so many of them, just feet away! We knew that a day that started like that was going to be pretty great.

While we were having lunch at the little lake, we ran into a fisherman from Nebraska.  It didn’t look like he knew much about fly fishing.  He would cast the line and let the fly sit in the water like you would with a normal rod and bait.   But he was clearly doing something right because he ended up catching a really big cut throat.  He asked me to take his picture with it, which some how turned into me wading into super cold water while holding his fishing pole and trying to not drop his camera in the water.  He was so excited though; It was clear that he was having the experience of a lifetime, so I didn’t mind.

Mike took this funny shot that looks like I’ve just caught him instead of a fish.

We had such a great time.  I felt really recharged by being in the mountains.  The ocean is inspiring, but the  mountains always center me in a way that nothing else can.  Thank you, Rocky Mountain National Park!

Rockies game

We had a blast at the Rockies game this last weekend.  We booked it to the stadium straight from the airport and made it there by the bottom of the second inning.  We were shocked to get good lower level tickets for only $7.50!  I can’t remember the last time we got to see a MLB team (and a good one, at that) for less than $20.  Plus, Coors Field is such a fun and interesting stadium.  Since it is at such a high elevation all the outfield walls are pushed back.  The center field wall is at at 415 ft!  It’s amazing what a difference the thin air makes.  Despite the big field, players were still knocking balls out of the park left and right.  It was like watching a home run derby.

There was a Blue Moon (I love Blue Moon!) brewery right in the stadium, and you could stand around in the aisles anywhere you wanted.   This made me realize how pesky, vigilant, and annoying the old crew of ushers at Cubs games are.

We did a couple laps around the stadium with Blue Moons in hand.  There is a spot in the outfield where you can watch the visiting teams bull pen.

We watched a pitcher named Daniel Cabrera warm up.  He was just picked up by the D-backs a few days before.  The team welcomed in the new guy by making him carry a little pink backpack!  It was hysterical.

After watching him interact with his coach and knowing that this was his first chance to make a good impression, we were rooting for him to do a good job.  But things didn’t go so well for him.  He immediately gave up four homers, and he was pulled in less than one inning.  The crowd was going crazy, but my heart hurt for the kid.  You just know it must have been such a disappointment for him.  He’s still on the roster though, so maybe he’ll get another shot.

Anyway, we had a great time.   If you want to see some more pics of the field, you can see our album here.


It’s already been an adventure and we aren’t even there yet!

We’re heading to Denver for a few days to see a doctor for our fertility stuff.  Our insurance only covers testing, so we figure we might as well let them pay for the best in the country.  We added a day and a half onto the trip to make a stressful adventure more fun.  Today we’re hopefully going to Coors field to watch the Rockies play, which should be fun since they are doing well this year.  Mike is excited to cross another baseball field off his list.  He thinks he’s been to sixteen major league stadiums so far.  For dinner we’re going to hit up “Taste of Denver” which will be super fun if it’s even half as awesome as “Taste of Chicago”.  Tomorrow we’re driving to the Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking.  We’re choosing between trails to a waterfall, a plateau overlooking several 14ers, and a hidden lake.  Plus elk season is just beginning, so we might get lucky and see some of them too.  I don’t think we can go wrong.

Our trip has started off a little rough though.  We booked a package for super cheap through Southwest vacations, which means that we have actual hard copies of the airplane tickets (I haven’t seen one of those in ten years!) and paper vouchers for our rental car and hotel.  We got to the San Diego airport an hour and ten minutes early only to realize that we left Mike’s backpack at home.  Inside the backpack were all of our tickets, his cell phone, and all the work he needs to do over the weekend.   Dope!  So, he took an expensive cab trip home and made it back with 30 minutes before take off.  We thought everything was copacetic, but then we accidentally went through  the wrong security gate.  We had to turn around, walk across the airport, and do the whole process over again.  Luckily, we made it to the gate just as our section was boarding.  While we were dashing through security lines, I kept thinking about how my mom would be freaking out if she were there.  She likes to get to the airport like at least two hours hours early, but I can’t really make fun of her anymore since she’ll never miss a flight, which I’ve done before (on my way home to see her actually), or have a morning like we’ve had today.   Moms usually do know best, don’t they? Anyway, I hope things calm down from here on out.