The Bike

CIMG0031 Two of my San Diego poker buddies and I had a  great night up at the Bicycle Casino in LA this week.  Jake finished 5th in the plo tournament while Chris and I ran over the cash games.   We were playing 1/3 NL Omaha High only with a $80 buy in, which went up by $40 every time you rebought.  This is a very strange game to find in a casino, which meant that few of the people at the table knew how to play it well.   I sat down at the table with $80 and left with $1480.

Chris and I won all our chips from the bozo in the photo sitting next to the dealer with his hand on his head.   Mr. Bozo won all the chips that he later gave to us from the guy with his hands covering his face.   Those two got it all in at least six times. Most of the time, Bozo got all his money in dark, which means he never even looked at his cards before shoving all in.  Not surprisingly Bozo was behind in all of these face offs, but he somehow managed to suck out and win every single one, which made Chris and I very happy because the more money Bozo had, the more money we would eventually be getting.  In one of these blind face offs against the poor guy covering his face in the photo, they had all their money in and Bozo revealed the 2227 in his hand, and a deuce was the first card the dealer turned up!  In another hand, bozo got it all in with 3489 rainbow (after looking, lol) and the flop came 343.   Of course the guy with his hands on his face had big aces. Chris took the photo of them right after that hand happened.   Isn’t body language fascinating?

The table was so crazy that people were standing around watching our game, we had to call the floor over to get more all-in buttons, and there was constantly a chip runner exchanging racks of 1s, that were starting to cover the table, for $100 chips.  Dealers were talking to other tables about how insane our game was, which made the action junkies at other tables sit down in our game, even though most of them had never played Omaha before.   It was really a perfect storm sent from the Omaha Gods.  I just kept wishing I cold somehow triple the stakes of the game.  At one point I thought to myself, “That pot was huge!  I can buy like 4 viles of follistim with that!”  I bet I am the only poker player in the world who calculates pots in terms of fertility med costs.

I had a fan club of old Asain men standing behind me saying things like, “She super conservative, but she good!”   One guy asked me, “Want to be my daughter?”  Another didn’t understand him because of his thick accent and because he didn’t speak English all that well himself, and he said,” Ha!  He wants you to be his doctor!  I need doctor too!” Then he urgently shook my shoulders and said, “Doctor, I have empty pockets, please help!”

Jake came over to play after busting out of the tournament and quadrupled up in the first twenty minutes he was at the table.   We had such a great time.   It was one of the craziest/most fun nights of poker I have ever had.  I left at 5 a.m. so that I would miss LA rush hour traffic on my drive back to San Diego, and I am still wondering how much I could have won if I stayed longer. Before this week, games that good only existed in my fantasies.




Elementary School All Over Again

I got an email a couple of days ago from Facebook.  For a split second, I thought I was back in elementary school, when Tricia had a friend deliver a note asking me if I wanted to be her girlfriend.

See the email below:

Shawnee said on Facebook that you two are married.  We need you to confirm that you are, in fact, married to Shawnee.

To confirm this relationship request, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team