Heard in Court last week

A defendant was in court for violating conditions of his parole.  The violations included things like failing to take a drug test, failing to complete drug treatment, and not reporting into his probation officer.

The Probation Officer told the Judge that the Defendant admitted to Probation that he used drugs in May 2009.  The Judge asked when the Defendant tested positive for drugs and the Probation Officer said that he had tested clean several times, including two days after he admitted using drugs in May 2009.

The Judge turned to the Defendant and asked him when he last used drugs.  HIs response: “Well, I thought I used drugs in May, but I guess I didn’t.”

The Judge asked him what he meant.  Defendant’s response: “Well, I said that I used drugs in May, but then the Probation Officer just said I tested clean, so I must not have.  I must have just been really drunk.”


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