My Garden

I have a black thumb, but apparently anything will grow in San Diego.  Here are some recent pictures from my garden.

I’ve been using this book called Square Foot Gardening, which is like backyard-gardening for Dummies.  I’m usually terrible at following step by step instructions (you should see me try to put together a piece of ikea furniture), but given my past gardening failures, I stuck to the book, and things are going pretty well.  I’d recommend the system, especially the soil mixture it suggests, to anyone.  My friend Juli, who is a gardener extraordinaire, swears that you’ll never regret spending twice as much on soil than on plants.

It’s amazing how something so small can give you such a sense of accomplishment.  So far, we’ve harvested and ate broccoli, three kinds of lettuce, various herbs, marigolds, and onions.  Soon we’ll have brussel sprouts, carrots, and more broccoli.  I’ve heard you always over plant something, and we have enough broccoli to make our very own Jolly Green Giant!  I just planted a new box with tomatoes, cucumbers, soy beans, artichokes, and spinach.  So far, the only things that have failed are okra, peas, and bell peppers.  I think that’s a pretty good track record, considering that I’ve just been growing this stuff during winter.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dar, Grandpa, Mike, Juli, and Sabrina for helping me make my little garden grow!


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