Chicago Party


We hosted an afternoon in Chicago party this weekend to show our left-coast friends how a Chicago weekend is done right.   We had college basketball on the TV, corn-hole (aka bean bags) by the garden, dogs on the grill, and flip cup in the driveway.  We gave away an official Wiener Circle T-Shirt to the most spirited corn-holer, and we also posted the temperature in Chicago to remind us all of how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous place.



Happy Birthday Sophie!

Last night we hosted a pretty unique party.  It was s a St. Patricks Day celebration/first Birthday party for our dog, Sophie.   Our good friends Ryan (who is Irish) and Juli came over with their dog, Lila, for the festivities.

Mike suggested that we smear some peanut butter on a pile of poo instead of making Sophie a Birthday treat.  I’m sure she would have been just as happy with that, but instead, Sophie chowed down on a dog-friendly Birthday cake while  the humans celebrated with Guiness.  She also got a new collar and leash, a half eaten corn cob that she got in trouble for grabbing off the counter earlier in the day, and a Birthday hat with a balloon and a shamrock on it.  It was an appropriately quirky celebration for our quirk-tastic dog.




Wireless mystery

In an effort to simplify our lives when we moved, we put our one TV in the spare bedroom instead of the living room, and we didn’t plug in the wireless hub either. It’s worked out well for us.  We  go on more walks and spend less time staring at a screen.

We recently started picking up one wireless internet signal in part of our house though. It’s named “Hermaphrodite Goat Porn 666.” It’s fun postulating which one of our neighbors has named their network this. Is it the quiet old couple next door, the nice gay man a few doors down that never mows his lawn, the huge Latino family that lives across the street, or the two helpful young ex-military guys on the corner that bring our trash bins in if we’re out of town on garbage day? I vote for the guys next door, but Mike isn’t so sure. He saw one of them reading Tolstoy, which I guess makes them too classy to be the culprits?

Clearly, if we had the TV in the living room or if we were both able to surf the internet all night, we wouldn’t have time to obsess over something so dumb. But we don’t, and man, I sure would like to know who owns that wireless signal.  Or maybe I wouldn’t.  It’s fun imagining that all the nice, normal people around us have secret lives that somehow involve hermaphrodite goat porn.

A Cold Dose of Reality

This is Mike.  Hope everyone is doing well.

We live pretty close to San Diego State, so there are some coeds in the neighborhood at times.  The other night, I was driving by myself and I pulled up to a stop light in my base model Honda Accord (with a dent in the door).

Next to me were two women in their early 20’s who were pretty cute.  As I looked over at them, they started really looking over at me, as if they liked what they saw.  I thought to myself, “Merriman, you still got it. Way to go.”

Then they started making the kinds of faces and hand gestures you make when you’re talking to a baby.  I wasn’t sure what was going on, until I looked down and saw that Sophie was seated in the passenger seat right next to me.  They were giving Sophie “the look”, not me.

I held up Sophie’s paw and made it so she was waving back to them.

Then, I tucked my proverbial tail between my legs and continued on my way to the grocery store or dry cleaners or whatever menial task I was trying to complete.

My Garden

I have a black thumb, but apparently anything will grow in San Diego.  Here are some recent pictures from my garden.

I’ve been using this book called Square Foot Gardening, which is like backyard-gardening for Dummies.  I’m usually terrible at following step by step instructions (you should see me try to put together a piece of ikea furniture), but given my past gardening failures, I stuck to the book, and things are going pretty well.  I’d recommend the system, especially the soil mixture it suggests, to anyone.  My friend Juli, who is a gardener extraordinaire, swears that you’ll never regret spending twice as much on soil than on plants.

It’s amazing how something so small can give you such a sense of accomplishment.  So far, we’ve harvested and ate broccoli, three kinds of lettuce, various herbs, marigolds, and onions.  Soon we’ll have brussel sprouts, carrots, and more broccoli.  I’ve heard you always over plant something, and we have enough broccoli to make our very own Jolly Green Giant!  I just planted a new box with tomatoes, cucumbers, soy beans, artichokes, and spinach.  So far, the only things that have failed are okra, peas, and bell peppers.  I think that’s a pretty good track record, considering that I’ve just been growing this stuff during winter.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dar, Grandpa, Mike, Juli, and Sabrina for helping me make my little garden grow!