New Cell Phone And Some Good News

I’ve had the same Treo for over 3 years.  It’s pretty old and beat up, but it worked just fine.  I finally got a new phone yesterday.  I didn’t get a Treo, just a regular phone.

When I got my phone, the woman working at the store said, “And another good thing about your new phone is that you’ll get a lot better reception.”  Shawnee said, “I hope so.  I could barely hear when I used your phone.”

This was great news for me.  I thought I was losing my hearing because I had a hard time hearing people on the phone  (the men in my family have lousy hearing).

One other thing:  I was able to pick a new plan, because it had been so long since I renewed.  I told them that I wanted some text messages for free, because I don’t use many each month but was tired of paying 20 cents a text.  The manager’s response: “We can’t just give you something for free.  It doesn’t work like that.”  My counter: “I’m not asking you to give it away.  I’m asking for some text messages since I’ve been a customer for 9 years and my wife got 1000/month free just by asking.”

The manager turned to the Sprint guy next to him and said, “Should we give him a $60 credit, or 1000 texts a month, or both?”  What a hypocrite.

Then they charged me a $18 “activation fee”, even though activating my phone didn’t cost Sprint anything.  So I guess then can charge you for nothing, but can’t give you anything for nothing.


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