Secret Santa Sad Story

I feel like a fifth grader when I say this, but making new friends can be hard. One of Mike’s co-workers kindly invited me to a secret santa party to help me meet some new girlfriends. I was assigned to buy a gift for Rebecca, only I didn’t notice there were two Rebecca’s on the guest list, and of course, I bought the wrong Rebecca a gift.

Here is the description of what my assigned Rebecca wanted:

  • Rebecca C: As for the gift, beauty products that I won’t splurge on for myself, like Origins Out of Trouble face mask or Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner, are a nice treat compared to the drug store products I buy myself!

And here’s the one I based my purchase on:

  • Rebbekah Y: As for gift ideas . . . candles, assorted bath products, and other girly stuff is lost on me. Cookbooks are a lost cause, although any other kind of book would be appreciated. I love biographies and autobiographies.

So, not only was I the random girl at the party, but I bought some woman who wanted a face mask a biography about a writer with family problems! Then, I had to fess up that my gingerbread cookie dough came in a box while standing over a table of homemade delicacies like eggnog bundt cake and chile rellenos. I feel pretty sure that I might not be invited to the next party, even though I had a great time.

One woman at the party got a nifty cookbook stand from Crate and Barrel that I am definitely putting on my own Christmas wish list. That’s right, I just managed to work a present idea into a blog post. I know, I’m shameless.


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