The honeymoon is over.

I think we could rename this blog “Sophie Tails.”  Sorry for all the dog stories, but right now that’s what we’re pretty focused on since she’s been such a little sh*t lately.

When we got home from having Thanksgiving dinner at a friends house last night, we realized she had gotten up on the counter and eaten an entire loaf of french bread!  Just a few crumbs on the couch were all that was left.  We were like, “Sophie, you missed some.”  Then we saw that she got into the trash cabinet again.  In addition to figuring out how to open cabnet doors, she’s taught herself to get into our closed closets as well.  She had drug out a pair of my underwear into the living room, and pulled one of Mike’s dress shirts down from the top hanging rack.  Don’t ask me how she did that because I can’t even reach those shirts.

Then, this morning, I went into my studio to do some work only to discover that my hard drive was broken. This problem was almost certainly caused by the two times in the past week that the hard drive went crashing to the floor thanks to Sophie pulling it off the table.  With the cost of data recovery and a new drive, I don’t think Sophie is going to be getting an allowance for a long, long time.  She has been a very bad dog.


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