Food and Wine It Is

We chose to go to the Food and Wine Festival.  We remembered that we had already committed to going to the Utah/SD State football game on Saturday night, so that broke the tie for us.

It was an amazing day.  We woke up early and took Sophie to the dog beach.  After an hour of running around and sniffing lots of dogs’ butts, Sophie was worn out.  Then we packed our bag for the Festival.  It was down in Seaport Village, which is a really touristy area of SD that nobody who lives here ever goes to.  After waiting in a pretty long line to get in, we tore into the food and wine with a reckless abandon.

After gorging ourselves for about 45 minutes, we sat down and chilled out for a while in the shade.  I even fell asleep for a minute.  I knew we were having a good time when Shawnee left our shade spot to use the bathroom and came back with 3 plates of food, a glass of wine, an appletini and a rum shooter.

The people watching was also priceless, anything from plastic surgery-laden women to guys in their early 20’s with lots of tats to the just really weird people who manage to always show up at events.

There was one problem, though.  It was hot out.  It was as high as 85 degrees at about 1pm.  We couldn’t believe that people were complaining about the heat.  We told each other that after living in Chicago for years, we weren’t going to complain about the heat in SD during the fall/winter.

After a mad sprint to get a couple of glasses of wine before the festival closed at 4pm, we headed over to the football game.  Had a great time at the game and then stopped with our friends for some In-N-Out burger to finish the night.  We were asleep by 9:30.


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