This past week, we noticed Sophie sticking her nose in between the slats of the patio and scratching at the ground.   We couldn’t figure out what she was doing, until all of a sudden one night we smelled a HORRIBLE smell.  Sophie had found a skunk!

After she got sprayed, she came inside the house and tried to rub her nose off on all of our furniture.  The smell, which was now both airborne and soaked into our couch, went through the entire house.   Mike sprayed air freshener, but instead of getting rid of the smell the air freshener clinged to it.  The spray turned a natural skunk smell into a heavy chemical skunk smell.   We didn’t see Sophie get sprayed, so we weren’t positive where where the smell was coming from at this point.  Because the smell changed so dramatically, I was worried it was gas or something else.     So, we called 311, and they called the fire department without telling us.  So, ten minutes later a big truck rolled up, and five fire fighters hopped out and verified it was a skunk.  We felt dumb and explained that we didn’t call them to come.  After they left, we washed Sophie.  That reduced her smell, which was like a 10 on a nasty scale, to a 6 or so.  We both agreed that we couldn’t sleep in the house since the smell was hanging in every room.

We set up the air mattress in the back yard, but I couldn’t handle the smell there and spent the night in the car.  Mike actually slept back there with Sophie (aka Stinky Dog).  I don’t know how he did it.  I hope his bad smell tolerence is just as high when we have dirty diapers to change.

One good thing to come out of this is that Mike really bonded with the staff at work.  It seems every one had a skunk story.  One hour I’d get an email saying, “Fred the security guard said to spread bob cat pee around the edge of the yard,” the next hour I heard, “My  secretary says soaking in tomato juice is just an old wives tale,” and so on.

Six days and two $15 bottles of skunk smell remover later, Sophie is finally smelling rosy, although I can’t say so much for our couch.   If you get skunked, this is what we’ve learned:

  1. Don’t spray air freshener
  2. Keep your pet off the furniture
  3. It takes about a week of fresh air to get rid of the smell

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