The honeymoon is over.

I think we could rename this blog “Sophie Tails.”  Sorry for all the dog stories, but right now that’s what we’re pretty focused on since she’s been such a little sh*t lately.

When we got home from having Thanksgiving dinner at a friends house last night, we realized she had gotten up on the counter and eaten an entire loaf of french bread!  Just a few crumbs on the couch were all that was left.  We were like, “Sophie, you missed some.”  Then we saw that she got into the trash cabinet again.  In addition to figuring out how to open cabnet doors, she’s taught herself to get into our closed closets as well.  She had drug out a pair of my underwear into the living room, and pulled one of Mike’s dress shirts down from the top hanging rack.  Don’t ask me how she did that because I can’t even reach those shirts.

Then, this morning, I went into my studio to do some work only to discover that my hard drive was broken. This problem was almost certainly caused by the two times in the past week that the hard drive went crashing to the floor thanks to Sophie pulling it off the table.  With the cost of data recovery and a new drive, I don’t think Sophie is going to be getting an allowance for a long, long time.  She has been a very bad dog.


Things Sophie Tries to Eat

Other dog’s poop




Pigeon Feed

The other day I went to the office for about 3 hours while Shawnee was out of town.  I got back and Sophie had somehow managed to open the door to the trash can and dump the trash all over the ground.  The only thing she didn’t try to chew/eat was the one edible thing in the trash can: a banana.

Crazy dog.

In the Neighborhood, Part 4

On the way to the convenience store last Friday evening, I ran into three very nice African American men in their late fifties. They were all decked out in suits and hats. We started chatting, and they asked what I what I was doing later, if I was married, etc.

After a few minutes, I said, “Okay well, you guys don’t in too much trouble. I’ll see ya’ later,” and then one of them said, “Now hold on a minute Sweetie, I can tell by your voice, you’re a Libra, aren’t you?” Suprised, I shouted, “I AM A LIBRA! How’d you do that?” He’s smiled big and just said, “We Scorpios are good like that darlin’,” and then they walked away.

The best Halloween Costume of the Year

Liz, my best friend from high school, talked her fiancee, Stewart, into dressing up like Papa Smurf for Halloween. Chalk that up to things she won’t be able to get him to do after they’re married along with putting the toilet seat down and going to see romantic comedies.


And in case you were wondering, Papa Smurf is not Smurfette’s Dad. She checked out the Smurf family tree just to make sure. So, it’s all good that they’re together in a disturbing Fred Thompson, Denis Kucinich, or Donald Trump kind of way.

In the Neighborhood, Part 2

On our nightly walk, Sophie started sniffin’ up a really scary and mean looking dog.  The owner was a tough, muscled guy that had definitely done a stint in either prison or the military, and given our neighborhood, I was putting my money on the former.  I wasn’t necessarily happy about seeing a guy like him while I was alone late at night.   In an attempt to make things a little more comfortable, I asked the big guy what his dog’s name was.  Then, he put his hand on his hip and said in the most effeminate and theatric voice, “DIVA.”

I love it when people surprise me.  It’s so easy to two dimensionalize people and to make generalizations about folks we don’t know, and this experience reminded me of how complex we all are.

The Food and Wine Festival

We decided to go to the Food and Wine Festival because a friend of ours had tickets to a football game later in the evening, which we thought would make for a big full day, and we’re going to try and catch the jazz band the next time they’re in the area.

As you can see from the pictures, it was really hot, delicious, boozy, and fun.  My friend Charley, who has a cabin in Norhtern Wisconsin said there was already 3′ of snow there, and we were wearing shorts eating seafood, grass-fed beef sliders, and sipping wine.  We miss our friends in Chicago so much, but it was one of those days that reminded us of why we moved.