A few more clues that our new dog is quirky

1. Last night she rode home from the dog park sitting backwards in the back seat. It wasn’t like she was just facing that way though, she was really into staring at the seat. We would categorize this as one of her stoner moments.

2. I think she has restless leg syndrome. Right now she’s sleeping on the floor next to me and it looks like she’s swimming for her life.

3. I bought her a cute handmade name tag from etsy.com and she ate it right off her neck, like it was one of those little candy necklaces.

4. This last one is most certainly too much information, but oh well. Our bathroom door doesn’t really shut all the way, which wouldn’t be a big deal, except that means we can’t keep Sophie out when we need privacy. When she comes into the bathroom, she has no interest in drinking from the clean water in the toilet bowl. The dirtied water, however, proves to be irresistible. She gets so excited, I can’t hold her back long enough to pull my pants up and flush! Disgusting, Sophie.

What a weird dog.


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