The Newest member of our family

Here are some pictures of Sophie. We got her from the SPCA in San Diego. Mike and I “had an interaction” with her about two weeks ago, but we decided since we were traveling quite a bit this month that we’d wait a while to get a dog even though we thought she was great. Then my Mom came for my Birthday. She and I went to the SPCA just for fun. When I saw that Sophie was still there, my heart just broke. Mike was very sweet about it, and the next day Mom and I had Sophie at home. Getting a puppy for my Birthday made me feel like a little kid.

She is 7 months old. She’s a good mix of energy and snugglability, but she is very quirky. She likes to sit in chairs, and sometimes she looks stoned. Her eyes get red and she stares off into space. It’s very funny. Most of the time she is very laid back, but every once in a while she’ll just freak out. I walked her out to the car five times with out a leash and she was under control nad calm, but then on the sixth time, she took off down the alley. Strange. Anyway, I’m not normal, so why would I want a normal dog, right? She is adorable and she feels like home to us.

I think she’s pretty happy too. All together she was at the SPCA for about four weeks. My mom and I took her to the dog beach the second day we had her, and she just took off running faster than any other dog out there. Just thinking about this bundle of energy being cooped up in a tiny little room for a month made my heart hurt. I’m so glad she’s with us. I keep telling her that she may have had to wait longer than the other dogs to find her family, but that we were worth the wait. She’s already spoiled and loved so much.

When we were at the kennel, Sophie liked Mike better than me, but when we got home she attached herself to me and started growling evrytime Mike got near her. I’ve been gone all weekend though, and I think the two of them are bonding pretty well.

Sophie getting her Mom in trouble with Mike πŸ™‚

My two favorite ladies!

You can see more pics of our cutie at snapfish.


2 thoughts on “The Newest member of our family

  1. I love this dog, and I am so happy for you and her! Sophie looks like a sweet bundle of energy and the fact that you released her from a cage onto the dog beach is just awesome.

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