A bold move

I hate paying a ton of money for a gym membership, and I miss going to the zoo in Chicago more than you can imagine. We lived so close, and I went several times a week. sniff, sniff.

But, the good news is the zoo here has some pretty big hills and lots of ground to cover, so I think I’ll skip the gym and join the zoo! That’s right folks, I just paid $119 for a zoo membership so that I can get some exercise and hang out with the animals. Plus, I can always bring a friend for free, so if you’re coming to visit us, pack your tinnies! My cousin Brett had a great idea. She said that I in addition to just walking the park, I should set up a training course and carry small weights. I should do squats at the polar bears, lunges at the monkeys, bicep curls at the penguins. I think I’ll start with walking first. Hopefully I can miss the crowds by walking the morning. It should be fun, and another reason for all our friends with kids to come visit (ie, Rebecca and Wade)!


One thought on “A bold move

  1. we’re so there!!! with the zoo and legoland – you’re never going to get rid of us! sounds like you guys found the perfect home. Can’t wait to see it in person!

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