Our new place

I love our new place, and I’m also so excited about getting a dog. My mom told me I was obsessed and that I needed to stop talking about it so much. Add that to the list of things your mom can tell you but your husband can’t.

One of the things I like best about our new place is that I can do yard work, make art, and have a little garden outside. I like to stay busy, like my Dad, and this place is perfect for that. Our condo in Chicago was great, but there wasn’t much room for piddling and this place has tons of room outside and the weather is always lovely. Plus it has a garage/studio that’s bigger than my studio in grad school, a working fireplace, an eclectic neighborhood.

We ordered our guest bed before we even ordered our own mattress, which was a subconscious indication of how excited we are to have visitors. Hope you’ll all come visit. Maybe we’ll have a dog by then. 🙂


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