We Found A House

No more SD hostel for us. We found this posting on Craigslist a few days ago and said to each other that we thought the place was perfect for us. Now, we’ve been burned on Craigslist before, so we didn’t get our hopes up too much. But we were definitely ready to move in somewhere, so when we visited this house and liked it, we told the agent that we would take it. He was ready to move on it too, so we wrote a check on the spot and moved in immediately.

We are really happy with the house. It has 2 bedrooms, a working fireplace, stained glass windows, relatively new kitchen appliances, hardwood floors, a wood deck in the back, W/D, and a garage that has been converted into a workshop that Shawnee’s going to use as a studio. And it’s close to a bus stop for me and there’s lots of plants and some space for Shawnee to grow a garden. And they allow dogs and it was $200 cheaper than most other places we looked at. In short, it’s perfect for us.

Shawnee spent most of the day yesterday digging up dead vines from the backyard.  It was very cute.  At one point, she pulled off a clump of dead vines that was the size of a 3-person body bag.  I think we’re going to be shoving those things into the trash bin for a month.


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