After a 5 hour cab ride, three flights, a super shuttle ride and a 2 hour drive, we’re back in San Diego.

The flights were fine, but very long.  On the last flight, the person in front of me leaned way back in her seat.  That was the last straw for me, so I actually asked her to move forward so I was able to fit in the seat.  For all three flights we were joined by this European couple in their late 50’s-early 60’s.  He was very big and wore a short sleeve shirt with suspenders.  She wore a sleeveless top with a hole in the shirt above her breasts and below her neck.  Then she had a rhinestone necklace resting on her cleavage.  She wore this for more than 24+ hours jammed into a plane.  It was crazy.

An Only In America Moment: Everywhere we went in Asia, the “Citizen” line at immigration has been homogeneous.  But when we got back to the US, it was the first time that the “Citizen” line was made up of all kinds of people (white, Asian, black, etc.)  Very cool and made us very proud of our country.  I was also proud of our country when I rinsed my toothbrush in the LAX bathroom sink for the first time in 5 weeks (instead of using bottled water).

When I left the LAX terminal, I was approached by a guy with a clipboard asking me to “help save the children.”  I said, “Sorry, I can’t.  I just got back from India, and too be honest, I’m tired of people harassing me to buy stuff.”  His response, “I understand, man, have a good one.”   And with that, he left me alone–God Bless America.

We left our car in Anaheim with Sallie, who is Jen’s mom (our good friend in Chicago).  When we got to Anaheim, Sallie had a feast waiting for us in the fridge.  Turkey, bread, guacamole, fruit, fresh veggies, chips, pretzels, mayo, mustard, and a host of other things were waiting for us (if you ever go to Asia for 5 weeks, you will understand why these are so significant).  When I opened the fridge door, I got a little overwhelmed and had to close the door and take a break before making lunch.

After a really intense nap (for me) and some laundry and packing (for Shawnee, the rock star), we drove down to SD.  Now we’re at a hostel in downtown and we set off tomorrow to find an apartment.  There’s a group of drunk people singing bad 80’s songs outside our window, but we don’t care, because we ate 2 turkey sandwiches each today.


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