Leh Jeep Trip–Two Things

So Shawnee already told you about this trip (how beautiful the scenery was, etc.) here are some other thoughts:

Our driver was a machine.  For three days, he wore the exact same outfit and it always looked clean and unwrinkled.  He slept in the car.  We only saw him eat once.  Strangely, when he tried to speak English, he wouldn’t say any words, he would just kind of make a noise that sounded like a kitten getting strangled.  Somehow we communicated like this.

Neither of the places we stayed in had running water.  The first night, the village as a whole had no running water, phone or mail service, electricity, or sewer system.  That leads to a lot of poop on the ground.  This was pretty gross, and I’m not sure how long a village can keep going like that (particularly without doing serious harm to the lake 700m away).  But it did mean that I got some great views in the middle of the night when I had to pee.

Both nights, I looked up after going and saw amazing night skies.  One night, the full moon was illuminating three or four big clouds and another night the stars were vivid.  The big dipper was in a strange place in the sky (for Americans) because India is almost on the equator.  So here’s a hearty thank you to no indoor plumbing and my small bladder.


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