It’s not the heat, it’s the altitude

As we’ve mentioned in several of our Leh posts, we are at a very high altitude in Leh.  And when we went on a 2 night jeep tour, we were at 15,000 feet.

To put it simply, this absolutely rocks your world.  For the first 4-5 nights, you would wake up in the middle of the night completely parched.  You’d also need to put on Chap Stick at night because your lips get so dry.  Your heart rate is higher, because it’s harder to get oxygen.  Packing your backpack can force you to sit down and take a break.

We each drank about 5 liters of water a day.  Of course, this was when our water purifier decided to stop working, when we came to the place that cannot handle plastic bottles as trash and that has notoriously dirty water.  So we have been carrying around 15 used water bottles like a couple of vagabonds.

Despite the impacts of the altitude, it has been worth it.  The views are amazing and the mountains are huge.  And no rickshaw drivers to deal with.

We told somebody that Leh was our favorite place in India and he responded, “Yeah, that’s because it’s not really India.”  There’s a lot of truth to that–it is more like Tibet or Nepal than what we’ve seen of India so far.


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