Offline for the next 3 days

It is late Monday night in the Indian Himalayas.  We went for a hike up to a Buddhist temple that looks out over a large mountain range and valley.  We’ll try to post pictures soon, but lots of internet cafes have a no upload policy.

We leave tomorrow morning for 3 days in Tso Moriri, which is the highest lake in the world.  We’re going by jeep.  We’ll be back in Leh on Thursday night.  So we won’t have any other posts for a while.

Only other news for today is that we’ve faced the full force of India frustration in trying to change our flight from Leh-Dehli.  I tried for 2 hours to change the flight, which involved a couple of lost connections on the phone, a credit card that wouldn’t work, and, in the final kick to the stomach, I hit my head on the door to the phone booth after I got disconnected after 25 minutes on hold.

Shawnee came to the rescue and changed the ticket (for some reason, her credit card works).  Gave me some time to read 120 pages of Into the Wild.

We’ll come back with some posts after our adventure.  Hope everyone is doing well and safe after the hurricane (and the Lehman collapse).


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