Update–September 13

We left Amritsar on the early morning of September 12. Took a “Deluxe” private bus to Chandigarh for $10 that had A/C, assigned seats and allowed us to sleep most of the 4 hour journey.

We were so tired after sleeping at the Golden Temple (bed bugs, noise, bed bugs, and very uncomfortable beds), that we slept like champs. Despite the fact that they played a Bollywood movie on the bus at 7:30 AM called “Hijack.” The theme song for “Hijack” basically consisted of a few words followed by “Hijack!” and a loud guitar riff. This pattern repeated at least 20 times.

In Chandigarh, we went to this rock/junk garden that one man has been working on for 50 years. It was pretty interesting, but the heat took its toll so it didn’t make our top 10 list. Then we decided not to do more site seeing and we went to a bar/restaurant and had drinks/lunch. And we enjoyed the A/C while reading our books. Shawnee got a gin and tonic, which they have you make yourself. All they do is bring a glass with some gin and a can of tonic. Then you tell the waiter how many ice cubes you want.

Later that day, we took an evening train to Delhi. We were in the A/C Chair Car, which meant we got our own seat. It was nice and they fed us 4 separate times in a 4 hour train ride (crackers, soup, full dinner, ice cream). We were stuffed. And it cost $10.

We arrived in Delhi and then took a one hour cab ride to the airport, arriving at 11:30pm. This gave us just about 4 hours before we had to check in to our flight, so we spent the night at the airport for the second time in four nights. Very glamorous.

Now we’re in Leh, where we will be for a week. It is 3500 meters above sea level, which is almost 12,000 feet. Mountains surround us on all sides. It is gorgeous and the flight in was breathtaking. We go white-water rafting tomorrow and then we’re trying to plan a 3 night jeep tour/hike in the area around Leh. I’m excited and Shawnee is positively giddy. If only they had an Outback Steakhouse during our hike, then I think she’d be in heaven.


1 thought on “Update–September 13

  1. did i mention i’m lovin’ the blog? does shawnee really like outback steakhouse? that’s hilarious. wade’s a big fan. we miss you guys!

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