Pictures from Kerala backwaters

I’m a little behind with these, but here are some pictures from the houseboat through the backwaters of Kerala. It was gorgeous.

Our houseboat

Another great cook named Manu. If I meet one more man named Manu who swoons me with his cooking, I might just name my first born Manu Merriman.

This was lunch. Dinner was equally huge.

A furniture making shop we saw in the backwaters

Diving for sand to sell.

Mike acting like a British from long ago.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Kerala backwaters

  1. what wonderful pictures. the house boat is wonderful how peaceful! it is very humbling to see how other people live outside of our country. it has been along time since i lived over seas but not much changes things are progressing but slowy when we liver over seas we id not have tv, phone, and if the power went off that would be for hours. my mom had to bake bread boil water for drinking. it was nice to see so many diffrent things and meet diffrent people. i know your both enjoying this trip. i am very proud of you both for truly doing what you love to do.

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