In India is crazy for a number of reasons:
1) the roads are often unpaved or have huge potholes, think of the worst roads in the US and you are getting a good understanding of the best roads in India. The major highway in Kochi had several places with severe changes in road level that were only made out of gravel.
2) there are very few traffic signals and no stop signs. that means four directions of traffic converge in the intersection and everyone is left to themselves to get through. You’ve got to just force your way through and get people to yield.
3) there are very few sidewalks, so people walk on the roads, including the highways.
4) the roads contain the following: trucks, buses, cars, auto-rickshaws (which are basically scooters with 3 wheels), bicycles, scooters, and horse-drawn carts.
5) people use their horns for everything. To let a car know they are passing. If someone is crossing the road in front of them. If they want someone to move over or speed up. If there is bad traffic. If they are in an intersection. And sometimes I have absolutely no idea why they are honking.
6) there are no rules and no lanes. The center yellow line means nothing. People pass on the right on 2 lane roads. They pass in the oncoming traffic lane even when a large vehicle is coming in the opposite direction and expect that vehicle to drive on the shoulder.

Tonight I saw a woman driving a scooter with both hands, talking on her cell phone by holding it with her shoulder and honking her horn at the same time. I also saw a basic motorcycle with 3 men and one kid on it.


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