Pictures from Amritsar

Here are some pictures from Amritsar.

The Sikh’s holiest place…the Golden Temple

This is Dr. Paul.  He is a aruervedic doctor and yoga master we met at the temple.  He was very friendly and gave us a behind the scenes tour of the temple kitchen.  They feed and house people 24/7 of any race, religion, caste, or age.  It’s pretty incredible.  The food was a simple rice, dal, chipati bread, and a sweet pudding.  The meal was surprisingly tasty and it was pretty incredible to watch them get people in and out of the cafeteria.

They make their own flour from oats to make the bread.  Here is Mike with the flour sifter guy.  He was one of abuot 30 people that wanted their picture taken with us. You have to cover your head to get into the temple, in case you’re wondering why Mike is wearing a dude rag.

making chipati

Giant pot of food for the people

Pilgrims sleep everywhere at the holy place, and everyone but Mike knew that you shouldn’t point your feet towards the temple.  He figured it out though after a few people tapped him on the shoulder and pointed rather adamantly at his feet.


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