More on the houseboat

We were able to ride through the bckwaters for several hours and see the fisherman hauling in their nets.  We also saw people who farm mud from the river bottom.  This activity is as difficult as it sounds. One guy dives to theriver bottom with a bucket and fills it with mud.  Another guy then pulls the bucket  up and dumps the mud in the boat.

The Volleyball game was fantastic.  Shawnee was the only woman playing and did great.  One guy who was about 5’8” kept trying to spike on me.  He would make this really loud grunt everytime and hit the ball way too hard.

When we finished playing, we shook hands with someof the players.  Then a bunch of kids ran up to shake our hands. Then some parents carried their kids up who were too shy to shake our hands.  When we walked back to the boat, about 20 people walked behind us. Parents pushed their kids forward to practice their English with us.  We answered the questions, “How are you” nd “what is your name” several times.   As each kid went home, they would say goodbye to us.

It was one of the best memories of the trip.  We talked about it for days.


2 thoughts on “More on the houseboat

  1. yes they still make lee jeans in fact i own some. and i think you both should write a book on do’s and don’ts of the 3rd world county travels. i wanted to know what you both will do first when you get back home. when i would come back to usa when i was young it would be eat a hamburger and drink dr pepper. we did not have american food when i was living over seas. western world has drifted quite a bit since then. ha ha. miss you both. love ya

  2. Hey Ru! I’m going to take a long bath. We haven’t seen a tub since we left the US. I want a hamburger adn hamburger or steak, just like you. Mike wants mexican food, so we’ll do both of those for sure. I also need a hair cut pretty badly. Then we’ll start looking for an apt and I’ll start looking for a job. You know, just a couple of minor things to do. 🙂 I always forget you were abroad for so long. I can’t even imagine. We miss you too and hope all is well. Love you! Shawnee

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