A rough start in India

Our friend Todd recently returned from a trip to India.   He warned us that we would have the highest highs and the lowest lows.   This prediction could sum up our experiences here so far.

We landed in Bangalore around 11pm or so after the city had been hit hard by a monsoon.  It was still raining when we arrived and our hotel, which of course was closed!  We wandered around in the rain for a while with panhandlers nipping at our heals before we found a place across the street from the bus stop where we were leaving from the next morning.  We woke up at five am to non stop honking, screeching, slamming sounds from the bus station.  

 Since we couldn’t sleep, we got up early and decided to head to the airport early, but nothing here is easy.  First we wandered around like idiots for thirty minutes trying to figure out which bus station was the local bus station and which was the long distance station.  We hadn’t bothered to look anything up before we left, since it was right out our window, we just figured we’d find our way.  Bad decision.  India is not an easy place to travel.  There are no friendly English speaking workers at information kiosks.  And the people who seem like they are the most helpful, are generally trying to sell you something.  Finally, we got on a bus to the old airport, which we were told was where the domestic flights left from, only to realize the old airport is no longer in operation!  Then we paid way too much for a taxi to the new airport where we were unable to A.  make a phone call (if you are planning to travel internationally buy a cell that will work anywhere. the days of pay phones are over, my friends) B. Use the internet C. buy clothing appropriate for India, i.e. basically anything other than what I brought.


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