A Little LL Cool J in Malaysia

At the Danum Valley rainforest,  everyone wears leech socks.  They are large stockings made of thick cloth that come up to just below your knees.  They are baggy and you have to tie them tight to the top of your shins.  This way, the leeches stick to the socks and not you.

For some reason (most likely a combination of height and being very skinny), I had a lot of trouble keeping my leech socks up.  One leech sock in particular was very difficult.  Finally, after re-tying the leech sock more than a dozen times, I said screw it.  I walked through the forest with one leech sock sagging around my ankles.

I called it my “hip-hop leech sock” and tried to do my best pimp walk through the jungle.  I also threw in an attempted gang sign.  I looked very white and suburban during all of this.

And since everyone’s been asking, here’s a picture of one kind of leech we encountered in Danum Valley.  It’s called a tiger leech.  They are heat sensitive, so if you wave your hand near it, it will move and follow the direction that you’re waving which is kind of creepy and kind of cool.


1 thought on “A Little LL Cool J in Malaysia

  1. Okay…I looked up leeches on the internet…they are gross!!! They look like slugs! If I found one of those on me…well…needless to say you would hear me screeming around the world!
    Mike…no more hip hop!!! Tie that deal a little tighter!

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