Alarm Clock From Hell

At the homestay, we had two windows in the room we stayed in. The first night, we settled into bed and tried to cool off despite the lack of a breeze. Eventually, we fell asleep at around 11:30pm.

The next thing I know, I hear “COCK-A-DOOODLE-DOOOOOOOOOOO” about 5 feet from our window. The wild rooster is so loud it sounds like it could be in our room.

So, I think to myself, it must be close to sunrise. Probably around 6 am, which is fine. I’ll get up and read my book by the river as the sun comes up.

I try to get a look at my watch, but it is too dark to see. This makes me a little concerned. So I turn on the indiglow and see the time: 3AM. I have no idea why the rooster is crowing so early. The only thing I can think of is that he is announcing that the bars are closing.

Confused, I fell back asleep.

Again, “COCK-A-DOOODLE-DOOOOOOOOOOO”. I check my watch: 3:10AM.

This happened every ten minutes until we got out of bed at 5:30AM.

We took a two hour nap that day, despite the sticky afternoon weather.

That, and the ants that engulfed our backpack during the second day, are the only two things that got to me during the homestay.


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